Can we please get an option to move word from Known back to Unknown?

I accidentally clicked complete lesson and all the words (appart from previously created Lingqs) became known. While I get that is supposed to be a feature. Now I can’t get back without resetting WHOLE LANGUAGE. Which is Nonsense. And even though I know there is Ignore button it truly has no notable feature inside known/unknown/lingqs system on the page apart, I guess, not showing up in some lists.

This was asked lots of times on forums and I’m wondering if this is in a TODO list? Either Reset all words from this lesson or Click on a Word > Add to UNKNOWN word would do wonders.

While I understand I can still use LingQ for reading but still. Few misclicks and you “know” whole dictionary.


You can do that easily: select the word, then click on one of the translations that will be displayed and that’s it

If I understand correctly, he wants to move all the words of a complete lesson back to unknown. This might be up to 1000 individual words, so doing this word for word is a bit of a drag. As I see it, the requested feauture has some merit.

Oh, thanks. This is an option, albeit slow, that I didn’t know about.

Try this…Go to the Vocabulary tab. Click “Filters”. There’s a lesson section. You can can either scroll and find your lesson or put a word or two of the title and search. Then click the “Apply” button. That gives the vocabulary for that lesson.

Now just set everything back to one. Still a bit cumbersome but far easier to click the ones here then going through the lesson.

It looks like you can do this even quicker. Follow the directions above and then click the checkbox to select all words. Then you can go under “More actions” and set the status -1 a few times to get down to status 1. Strangely setting to -1 will decrease a 5 to a 3, rather than 4.

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@ramonek Even if he switch words back to blue, he will need to select each word, take an action and make it Known, LingQ or ignore it. So either way, blue or white, will take same amount of time to complete a lesson.

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@christooss As @ftornay wrote, you can click on all white words to make them blue again and create LingQs for them. So, if you are reading, and come across a word you incorrectly marked as known or ignored, just click on it to make it blue.

I tried that. But I’m not sure I’m doing it corectly. Because even though I selected all the words and moved all of them -1 lesson has same number of Known words (all of them - some lingqs from before).

If I search for particular lesson it only shows two words in vocab.

Admittedly, I don’t use the vocabulary tab much. (Although I’m thinking I may a little bit in the future after playing with it a little just now). I’m not sure I have enough experience with it to speak to some of the issues you’re seeing with it. It’s possible your lesson just simply hasn’t updated the counts yet…i.e. even though you set the words back -1, the update to the lesson count might take 15-30 min (or more). Or perhaps you’ve encountered a bug in how it works. Maybe check the count in an hour and see if it has updated. Maybe actually enter into the lesson, if you haven’t tried that.

For the second issue, do you possibly have some other filters on? Like only showing level 2 words or something like that? Maybe remove all filters, select the lesson again and apply and see if it shows more than two words?

I just noticed that on mobile its same. But on webpage there is an extra click that I didn’t know existed.

Oh yes, I have been waiting for years fo a change in this feature made in hell.

Moving a single word or phrase back from known to whatever level is not a problem of course. Reversing the results of an accidental “finish lesson” is a different thing entirely.

You can deactivate “paging moves to known” but there is still the risk of accidentally hitting “finish lesson” while fast-forwarding from page to page because the finish lesson button sits on the same spot as the next page arrow, and there is no security check.
The good news: Pain teaches you lessons over time, the fatal click will happen more and more seldom.

@Zoran I really appreciate that you are always here to help us. IMHO “just click on it to make it blue” is what we already do when we accidentally have hit “finish lesson” but it’s the brute force method, not a very practical one. Maybe you could forward the issue to the developpers? I think you are tired of answering questions about accidental-known-word problem yourself…
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but can the '‘Complete Lesson’ button please be moved so it is not in the same place as the page forward button?
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve pressed ‘Complete Lesson’ without realising the button has changed, and all words get added to 'known.



I wrote that three weeks ago, yes. In the mobile app, this problem doesn’t exist. There, when you click forward on the last page of the lesson, you get a fresh page where you can hit finish. Maybe the next version of the web app is going to do the same? :slight_smile:

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@redcard Thanks for the feedback. It will be improved soon!


That’s good news, Zoran, thank you :slight_smile: