Can we Open this With a Shortcut? (to Select Another Translation)

Is it possible to open that arrow with a keyboard shortcut? (Web Version - Mac)

It’s for opening the window to select another possible translations available. Otherwise we always have to use the mouse to open the window to see if there are other translation available.



Sorry, but no. There is no keyboard shortcut for that at the moment.

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I hope you could create new and more shortcuts for the new version.

Also a way to select more translations without the window closing. If for example, I select one translation on the example above, it’s gonna immediately close the window and I have to perform a series of clicks again to choose another translation.

It would be a lot more convenient to have a shortcut to open the bottom arrow, then select multiple translation with up and down arrow and Enter, then move on with the right arrow

Possible solution: when you click the arrow down it goes to the 2nd translation, if you click down again it goes back to the 1st translation.

You could make it like this:

Click the arrow down and go to the 2nd translation.
Click down again:
If (Yes) there are other translations available open the window and goes to the 3rd translation.
If (No) goes back to the 1st translation.