Can we get graded readings in Russian?

I’ll try to do something similar for some popular topics.
But I don’t understand: all these versions are in the same course or there are 4-5 courses with the same topics - for every level.
I tried do several stages of the same topic in my “Первые шаги”(First steps), but I decided it’s too difficult - and in my course “Русский с нуля”(Russian from zero) I stick for one level Beginner 1 and only to the end of the course it’s Beginner 2 - but very gradually.
THe different languages need maybe a bit different approach. It’s for English and maybe for Spanish first of all increasing the words with every new level, but for Russian or German there are also a lot of new Grammar structures and different word forms. That’s why the progress in these languages can’t be so quick, we need more examples for every new structure and new form.
If I just translate from Spanish into Russian your 4 levels or the contents of your private lesson - it would be much more difficult in Russian than in the Spanish original because of all our declensions and conjugations.
But I will try as an experiment to do some lessons after this model and some lessons after the model of IDEL in Spanish where they give a lot, but very tiny lessons for absolute Beginners, and then in a new course - the same, but a bit more difficult; but they have different courses, not the same one.