Can we find more podcasts in different languages?

Vera for German, and Rasana for Russian have found great podcasts to use in our libraries. They transcribe these and earn points from them.

If you google for podcasts in Swedish or Japanese or French, you will find podcasts that may be of interest to our members. If you provide a transcript, you can offer this to the podcaster. They are usually very happy to receive them. In exchange we want

  1. to use the content in our library with proper credits to the source
  2. we would like the podcaster to mention LingQ, “transcript provided by LingQ, a great place to learn languages on the web” or something.

And of course you earn the points from this content. Let’s see if we can get some more.

Thank you.

I’ve emailed Sveriges Radio to check if it’s OK to use any of their podcasts. I will look for more (Swedish) podcast sources tomorrow.

That would be great Jeff. The big radio stations are usually reluctant but let’s hope. The independent podcasters are usually more interested in our transcripts and more willing to plug LingQ. Thanks for the effort. I really appreciate it.