Can someone give me a hand to get hold of a lesson posted here

Hi folks ! I’m encountering a little problem. I’m looking for the second episode of " VIAGGIO IN RUSSIA " by Luca but I can’t get hold of it. I tried the " search " function but nothing comes out. From " Beginner to Advanced " ain’t a single Lesson with " Russia " or " Russian " written in the title, which doesn’t make any sense given the lesson is called " VIAGGIO IN RUSSIA ". There are 6 parts at the very least, by serendipity I came across the 6th part but I don’t want spoil myself so I’m still desperately looking for the second part. I tried a couple of things such as check the poster’s profil so I’d get all the episodes but it’s been posted a long time ago so I gotta go WAY back in time and I haven’t got the whole day. I’ve also tried to google it, I found the original version that Luka posted on his website which COULD be a solution but I want to work it out from here. Anyway, can someone give me the drill to get hold of that lesson, I can’t make head or tail of the " search " function.


Hi Emer1ca. It is part of his course “The polyglot dream”: Inloggen - LingQ

I appreciate benscheelings thanks for your prompt answer ! May I ask how did you get it though?

I worked on my italian with this course of Lamparello about a year ago, so I remembered the lesson “Viaggio in Russia.”

I meant how did you find the course cause I can’t find it through the search engine.

How did I find the course? Well, it’s about a year ago … I’m not sure, but I think I had read something about Lamparello and his name appeared in the “lesson stream”.