Can someone explain the Playlist function?

Can someone please explain to me the ‘Playlist’ function in My Library. What is this function for and how to we use it? Are we able to create our own playlists of lessons we’ve chosen? If so, I can’t figure out how to do this. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Good question Grannicus. The purpose of the playlist is two fold.

First of all it is a way for you to collect interesting lessons, sort of a way to flag things of interest. These may be lessons that you have studied, and want to get back to, or lessons that you saw while searching the library and would like to study. You might have a Playlist called My Favourites for example, or a Playlist called Spanish History or the European Debt Crisis. You would create these playlists for yourself. You can even put the same lesson in different playlists.

The second purpose of the playlist is to help other learners. If you share your playlist of Favourites, or Spanish History, this may interest other learners. If you are a tutor, you may want to collect articles that you think are appropriate for learners of a certain level. Here again you can include the same lessons in different Playlists. Aaron’s beginner English Course could be a playlist, or Aaron’s Beginner Spanish Course for that matter, or whatever you want. If you share these and if others like them, these will be brought to the attention of other learners on the Recommended Playlist List in the Learn page. This is a great way for learners to help each other find appropriate, interesting and meaningful content in the library.

To create a playlist just start by selecting a lesson you want to add to a playlist. Click on the little arrow beside Open and from the drop down list select Add to Playlist. You will be asked to name the playlist and away you go. We hope people will create a lot of playlists, for themselves and to help others.

I can insert this playlist on my mobile?

Right now playlists on the site and the mobile app are not related and are created separately on your device. In the future, we would like to be able to have your playlists from the site available on the mobile apps.

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I created five different playlist on my laptop, but I am unable to play them. Reading what’s been shared above, it seems that my laptop should be capable of playing the playlist. Especially since they were created on the same laptop. Please help me understand how to make it play. I keep getting errors and the entire playlist library disappears.

@Thycknyss - I’m not sure if I quite understand the issue you’re reporting. Are these playlists from the Learn → Library/My Lessons page? These playlists are customized groups of lessons, and just away to organize lessons from different courses into one place. Would you be able to explain further what you mean when you say “play the playlist”?

It might be a little bit off topic here. However, I would like to know if the recommended lessons from the system can be based on the contents which the user has saved into his/her playlists or given roses to. In this case, different users can have different recommended lessons based on his/her learning history just like what Youtube does.

@kigoik - Right now, recommended lessons are only based on which lessons have most recently been given a rose and your level settings for that list. In future it would be nice to make the list smarter but for now the best way to access the lessons you have added to a playlist or given a rose to is to switch the Recommended Lessons view to My Playlists or My Lessons. I notice My Playlists is currently not showing there but we will add it soon.

It’s nice to know that. However, I am still looking forward to the smarter recommended lessons based on the user learning history in the coming future :slight_smile:

@alex (administrator) When I go into the playlist it shows the the groups of lessons I’ve created, but when I click on any one of the playlist the screen goes into some error and all the lists are gone. By play the playlist, I mean that I expect to see the 10 lessons I grouped together under the titled playlist. I can then select any one of the ten lessons to listen to/read through repeatedly.

@Thycknyss - Thanks for the more detailed information. Is there an error displayed when you click on a playlist, or does it just show 0 lessons? A screenshot of this would actually be really helpful so we can better understand the issue. If you can, please send a screenshot to support (at) :slight_smile: