Can not save own meaning for LinQs

when I click on a word I do not see the text box where I can add the meaning of the word. On some Words I see the suggestions but even there I cannot enter my own meaning. I tried a different Browser and the problem is still there. Am I doing something wrong?


Thank you for the help and best regards

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Hi @jloewe15 !
Currently, your Widget is in a simplified appearance. Once you complete your first lesson the Widget will obtain the field to input your meanings, as well as dictionaries, tags, etc.
However, it is odd that you faced a word which has no suggested meanings.
Could you please share a link to the containing it lesson?

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When I face this problem, if there is a suggested meaning, I click inside the box, erase the suggested meaning and replace it with one of my own. Then it works.

If there is no suggested meaning and I cannot input one, I skip the word and keep going, and come back to it later.

One solution I use, in the desktop version, is the Rooster Observer browser add-on. The definition can be added from there. I use the premium version and it works very well for this purpose; not sure about “lite.”


In the meantime I finished a few lessons but it still did not change.

The link to the lesson: Anmelden - LingQ

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