Can not move to the next lesson, bug?

I am trying to move on to the next lesson after completing the previous lesson. I had to click like “15” times to cross the bridge. Is reading that difficult now for readers? Every day I encounter a new bug to deal with.

It is so annoying not to read lessons in peace. Now there is this new issue to deal with. What is the point of using Lingq If you can not READ.

Kindly look into this matter. Thanks

Strange, I can’t reproduce the problem on my end. Do you still have the same problem?

I came across some lags and bad response if the material is huge, about a maximum of tokens. And high load of service maybe. In such situations, I cannot properly turn the pages and open next lessons.

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zoran it was very bad last evening. now today it is all fixed. At the end of the lesson just with one click on > I was able to move to the next lesson.

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Great, glad to hear it works properly now.