Can no longer share content

I’ve noticed that importing youtube videos no longer saves the audio portion (I can’t click on the “play” button on the upper left of a lesson), though the video and text import correctly.

This unfortunately means that I can’t share the videos publicly either, because I get the following error message:

Field “audio”: All Shared content must include the audio file.

This occurs, for example, on all of my Online Greek Tutor videos I try to share here on LingQ, taken from youtube. The latest: Login - LingQ

When LingQ fails to import audio from YouTube video, use or similar service to save and upload audio to the lesson manually.


Thanks for the tip, but I would prefer if the system would do it for me. Sharing lessons is already hassle enough. :slight_smile:

Due to Google restrictions, audio doesn’t get imported automatically every time when you import from YouTube. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do here, and in some cases you will need to manually upload the audio.