Can no longer Save imports (Language field required error)

The post before mine already pointed this out so I’m only reinforcing the fact that it’s not isolated to his situation. You cannot save an Import. Even if you go back to one you’ve successfully saved and and make NO changes, but simply hit the save button you get:

Please correct the following error:
Field “language”: This field is required.

Even though it already was or is - (sometimes though the chosen “Italian” reverts to English in the drop-down list). Also, the drop-down is grayed out - you simply cannot select any language at all. Something’s broken ;).

Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco

Yes, I have the same issue. I created the lesson for the swedish 8-sidor, and when I want to publish the lesson for others, I have the same error as above. The language field swedish converts to English, and you can do nothing about it. Hope this will be fixed soon.

We are very sorry about that. Our development team is looking into it now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

All fixed, Thanks!

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