Can LingQ please fix the date on the certificate?

The date on the certificate seems to get stuck at the day you finished Advanced 1.

Below is a mix of screenshots of my Spanish certificate and profile, taken today. In the circle you see the date, but it´s the date when I completed Advanced 1. I completed Advanced 2 a few days ago.

It´s like this for my other languages as well, with the date stuck on the day I completed Advanced 1.

The date should really just be the date of the day you download the certificate, as all the stats are current. This seems like a pretty easy and quick thing to fix. Since there is now an option to include your certificate in your LinkedIn profile, I think it matters that the certificate should be accurate.

The date is fine actually. It shows the date you completed Advanced 1 and reached Advanced 2, which is the highest level. The certificate shows the date you reached highest available level.

Yes but even so, the certificate is going to be misleading, since it will keep showing higher levels as you advance. I have Advanced 5 on my French certificate and it still shows the date when I completed Advanced 1. The date will also seem like it´s the date you had achieved your known words, words read, hours listened and other stats, which are current.