Can learning a language prevent alzheimer's disease?

I have read this claim and was curious as to it’s validity.

My mother is in her late 50’s and has a history of dementia. My sisters have expressed concern over her eventually developing this. Is it true that a 2nd language can strengthen your mind, make you smarter, or prevent deterioration?

My mother has also always seemed to express an interest in learning french, She has taken some expensive classes or tutoring programs in the past, and right now she says that she can’t do anything like that because it is too expensive.
I’m trying to convince her to try lingq to learn french since I know how effective it can be.

“Keep Your Brain Young: Read, Be Bilingual, Drink Coffee
Stephen Krashen
Published in: Language Magazine, October, 2010”

When you become senile, you won’t know it.
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“Can learning a language prevent alzheimer’s disease?”
Learning a foreign language and using constantly two or more languages might “delay”, for a certain while, the onset of the disease, in a certain percentage of cases. I think that this is true. Let’s hope that this is true and we belong to the happy cases.