Can I use Two Windows at the Same Time?

Sometimes I would like to read a lesson and at the same time access and correct the vocabulary page for that language.

For example: I read and I find a verb where I want to change something in the translation or add a note. At the same time I want to search in the vocabulary page for that verb because I know I have other similar lingqs and copy/paste the same note to the other words or do some changes. Adding extra translations and so on.

Then I keep reading back to the lesson and so on, going back and forward between those 2 windows opened.

Is it possible? Or is it going to mess up a few things here and there?


Just speaking from experience, I think that should be possible. You just may not see your changes from screen 1 update on screen 2 until screen 2 is refreshed, and vice-versa.

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Sure, that’s perfectly fine. Nothing will got messed up, no worries.

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