Can I preview content without clicking "take" it?

Is there a way i can preview content without clicking “take” bottoms?
I mean i should like to listen to audio before i add it as a new item?

No Edward for listen to you have to use the “take” button first. Listen to is possible when the item is on your WorkDesk.
But if the item is not useful for you you can delete it again.

Thank you, Irene. Hope I can see preview function in the future. Sure I can delete it anytime, but it would be more convenient to use preview.
Like this:
In preview, I can see transcript and listen to audio, but not create LingQs. Then, I can take that item, or check others. What do you think?

Thanks again. Have a good day!

I think you have at often a short description from the item.
And when it is a collection, you can take the first for judgment is the item interesting or not, is the voice friendly or not… - you have not to create LingQ’s! If you delete the item after this check, your words are unchanged.

For me it works good and I think there is no need for action in the future.

Look at the number of new words. I think that is more important to chose articles they have a not to high number of new words. 20-30 are ok.
But I see, you are perhaps a newcomer here and than the new words aren’t really correct. They can be more and more correct how longer you are working with the system and with saving and learning words.

Have fun!

corr. I think you have often (without at)
a not too high number (sorry)

It’s not only the proportion of new words. Anyways, for me, I still hope I can see preview function in the future. Thanks!

Hi Edward,

We will have some kind of preview function eventually. In the meantime, you can do as Irene suggests.

Another thing is that some texts show up under several headings. Some of the 26 “Power of the linguist” episodes (any language, I think) often show up in the LingQ section too (GermanLingQ, RussianLingQ et.c.), which can be a little surprise if you go through most of the material here and see something that is already very familiar - in that case it would be nice to be able to preview the content before taking/deleting (a lot of mouse clicks on this site…).


We are going to clean that up.

Previewing is not something that will happen soon, but it is on the list for the future.