Can I import into LingQ from my iPhone?

Can I import into LingQ from my iPhone?

Hi. Is it possible to import material into LingQ from my iPhone? I can’t do it. Am I failing to do something obvious/simple? I’d be grateful for guidance on this.

In theory, it should work easily & well. I have found this guidance from Mark, posted 5 years ago: Import To Lingq Right From Safari On Your Ios Device - La....

However, it doesn’t work for me. I have made LingQ a share option on my iPhone, but when I try to use this function to import into LingQ, all I get is the url from the target website, not the content/lesson/article itself. When I open up the lesson on LingQ that I’ve just imported, the lesson merely consists of the url from its original website.

In other words, if I chose the Mail or Messages share option, it would just send the recipient the url. It wouldn’t share the words in the article, it would just send the recipient a url so that they could visit the original site themselves. It’s doing the same thing with LingQ, which, for lesson purposes, is no good.

Does anyone know how to get around this? Many thanks in advance.

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If you are using LingQ iOS app on your iPhone, you can import directly through the app. You can find the “Import Lesson” option under the “More” at the bottom right of the app.

Hi Zoran. Yes I am using the LingQ iOS app on my iPhone, and yes I have taken the steps you describe. But how does that work? Here’s a screenshot of what I see when I take those steps. What am I expected to do to import directly?

I replied to your email too with more details. Lets continue conversation there if you have any additional questions.