Can i import a full course directly to a playlist on my iphone/ipad?

I just started to read Steve´s book, using Lingq.

I really like the option in the iphone to save any lesson in to a playlist, so we can listen them offline after.

Is there any way i can save the full course (the book), directly to my playlist in iphone at once?, instead of adding the lessons one by one in to the playlist.

Thank you.

@Josu88 - There isn’t yet a quick way to add a group of lessons to a playlist. However, lessons don’t actually need to be in a playlist to be accessible offline. Instead, any lesson you open on the app will be accessible when in offline mode. The benefit of playlists is that you don’t have to open the apps and they will download in the background, but the same option is available for regular lessons that you open manually. Note that the lesson list on the app is currently limited to the 30 most recent lessons.