Can I get my help/intro bar back?

I deleted this from one of my languages in the import section, but I didn’t realize it would delete it from all my languages, and I need to use it for English. How can I get it back?

I cant see it right now (I’m using IE 6.0) but there should be a kind of graphic indicator - corner/arrow/etc - (just below Lessons/Community) enabling you to turn the help bar on and off.

It’s not there. I’m using Firefox 3.2

There is a small grey arrow on the left side of the page just under the line across the top of the page area. Click on the arrow and the Getting Started window will open up. You can also just click on the red Help icon in the top right corner when you are on the Import page and to see the video and more help on that page.

Maybe you guys can check the interface. There is no arrow of any kind.

Take a look at this screenshot,

Ah, well. Problem solved. I was looking too high up for something like this →