Can I disable the suggested definition pop-up window?

I really enjoy how Lingq keeps track of the words I am learning. However, I prefer to stay as much in the target language as possible, and would like for the definition pop up to NOT show English at all, or have the pop-up disabled altogether. I have already set my preferred dictionaries to all Spanish dictionaries, but one of the definition choices is still English, and once I accidentally see it, my ‘learning from context’ approach is interrupted. I understand that if the popular translations are English, then that is what is initially shown, despite my dictionary preferences.

So my question is:

Is there a way to disable the definition window, and simply highlight the words I want to keep track of? This guy had a similar request, but the answer was unsatisfactory. Since it has been 8 ½ years since that post, I was wondering if anything has changed.

If not, is there a way to completely remove any and all English from the pop-up window?

I love everything else about Lingq, just trying to really immerse myself as much as possible.


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