Can I delete all my progress in a language?


From all the courses I had in my workdesk, I zeroed the reading and listening amounts, and then deleted the courses. However, when I go to my profile, it still keeps the statistics. Is there any way to delete these statistics, or can a LingQ administrator do this for me?



LingQ administrators do not have the time to deal with everyone’s little individual ways to use the system. Is there some benefit to deleting statistics? Why do you want to do this?

I am not requesting this so I can ‘use this system in my own little way’. I used LingQ briefly some months ago, and nearly forgot everything I learned due to lack of a schedule, review, and commitment on my part. Therefore, I feel that the amount of words I ‘know’ is inaccurate, and would prefer not to have it appear in my profile. I want a ‘fresh start’ at the system, so to speak. There is no logical reason why after having deleted my LingQs and lesson statistics, that my profile should still display this data.

Hi Vikram,

There is no way to delete this data from your account. It is, if nothing else, a measure of your activity. You can either start using this account again and you will quickly catch up I’m sure, to where you were a few months ago, or you can create a new account.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the help and clarification!


The statistics are only a rough indicator of your activity and achievement, no more. You have an all time “known words” total of 200 or so against a goal of 10,000. I suggest that you start to save a lot of LingQs and study a lot of content items, and the known words number will soon soar. You have a long way to go. But the “known words” number will always be a rough indicator or your knowledge. You may, in fact, not know some of these words, and have to save them ‘again’.

In terms of logic, it is also not logical to assume that you have forgotten what you have learned just because you deleted the lessons. Let’s just say that language learning is not always logical.

Hi Steve,

Agreed. Makes sense; thanks for the feedback!