Can I correct the German and English Ask the tutor section

… even though I do not have anyone I am tutoring yet? I am offering the language conversation in both languages, but as I am new to that, I haven’t yet had someone, who actually booked my classes. But I would be more than glad to contribute, and maybe I could be of assistance in the corresponding forums?

Everyone can answer in the “Ask your tutor” forums. At the beginning you need some patience before the first students sign up. Check the times you offer, and try different times of the day to see, which times suit the students interests. We all live in different time zones so it is sometimes a bit difficult to find a time that works.

Ah danke, gut zu wissen, dachte bisher das wäre nur für Tutoren die auch jemanden betreuen.
Ja das mit den Zeitzonen ist mir bewusst, ich versuche möglichst Zeiten anzubieten, die viele User erreichen, rund um den Erdball. Aber natürlich braucht das noch etwas, ich habe ja erst seit kurzer Zeit das Angebot drin.