Can I contribute to a language course if I'm not a paying member?


First of all, sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m relatively new to LingQ.

Can I contribute to a language course if I’m not a paying member? I know that you can import five lessons with a free account, but I’d like to use those for my own study materials. I would still like to contribute to the Finnish course, so it can become an actual course instead of a beta one. I could provide lots of texts with audio, like regularly added news articles.


I hope you can, for the sake of the site. I would imagine that an offer from someone willing to “provide lots of texts with audio” in FINNISH of all languages, isn’t going to come around everyday.

Plus, you have a nice voice and seemingly decent audio equipment.


Of course you can!

The good news is that the lessons you create will end up giving you points, points which can be used for conversations with other tutors or for writing corrections in your target language or which can even be used for the membership fee. You can even cash points in for cash. (i.e. you can earn money). Admittedly, you need to earn a lot of points for the last two options (at least 10,000 points). You only need 150 points to get a writing correction of a short text or 500 points for a conversation in your target language.

Every time someone clicks on one of your lessons, whether or not they study it, you will receive points. Unique clicks only! If the same user clicks one of your lessons 10 times in total over a period of days or weeks, it is only the first click that counts. The amount of points you get per “unique” click is negligible, popular languages tend to receive more clicks and better quality lessons receive more clicks. By better quality, I mean good quality audio, strong, likeable voice etc. I’ve found that when I like a person’s voice I tend to stick to that person’s lessons, else I just move on.

The points lesson creators make per month on their lessons can range from 0-20,000 depending upon how popular their lessons were. There are some users who make enough points each month to directly cash them out each month. This is extremely rare, most users make very little points each month. I created some lessons for the Swedish library and continue to receive roughly 50-200 points a month. I haven’t really created many lessons - to be honest I have no idea how anyone finds them.

I’ve found it impossible to relocate lessons I know I liked before in other languages. They seem to have literally vanished! They haven’t, of course, but that’s another topic! An ongoing LingQ problem! It seems to be hit and miss as to what one finds. I suggest you post links of the lessons you create in the forum, and indeed on your own profile page, to ensure users can find them.

As long as your material is own, that is, you have created it yourself and own the copyright to it, you can create shared lessons. If it is copyrighted material and you have permission from the copyright holder to post it here, that is, they know that this is a commercial site and that you can potentially earn money from their copyrighted material, that’s fine too.

Good luck!


You could, but it seems to be forbidden now :frowning:
First of all, the new users do not have the Classic menu with the “Import” item.
The second sad thing is the “Oops! You have hit your import limit.” page.
It seems LingQ team does not need new lessons, especially from new members.

Let us ask the official explanation about the actual situation.

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It’s not currently at the top of my pile, but I am definitely interested in Finnish at some point, so I hope that you can set something up.

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Only Private imports are limited to 5, actually. All users can import as many shared lessons as they want.

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It was changed some months ago. Now it is no way for not paying members to import any lessons if they have more than 5 private lessons. Neither private nor for sharing.

Thank you! It frustrates me that nearly all Finnish study material that I come across sounds really lousy and not at all natural.

A big thanks for the explanation!

That’s very unfortunate, considering that Finnish does have its fan base around the world and there is really not a lot of good study material out there.

Thanks, so do I. :slight_smile:

You could publish your course on youtube.

The question is about LingQ and why the old functionality was forbidden.

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The question was not about the why but can she do it or not. I see very good reasons to refuse free member contributions.

By the way.
I didn’t want to open a new thread for this and here seems appropriate enough to tell you that I recently saw 2 or 3 ads for lingq -(adsense or something). Google knows by now that I am into foreign languages. Hope your marketing team likes my feedback on that.

I am curious about what your reasons are for wanting to refuse contributions from free members. This person here is offering to add useful content in an under-served language, which seems like a plus to me. Was there a spate of low-quality content from free members back when the system allowed it?

First thing rember I am only a free member so my reasons are not that relevant. I don’t want them to refuse but I understand why they do.

Main reason I think is that free members can easily come back with new account if something is wrong with what they upload (quality, copyright, flooding).
There are probably business model reasons too.

There is an easy way around it - publish the lessons on the web and members can import them into their account.

@Ylva - Sorry for the delayed response on this. Yes, you can contribute if you are a Free member and it would be great to have more Finnish content. We have changed the flow from the way it used to be because it was confusing to most users who don’t want to share content but just want to import. We had wording that gave options to share or upgrade and we don’t want users sharing content that is poor quality or copyright protected just to open up space to import more.

However, you are allowed to share lessons still and just need to stay under 5 imports to do so. You can use 4 imports for yourself and create and share lessons in the 5th slot.

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Okay, thank you for the answer!