Can I choose a default tutor for correcting my texts?

Hi, I’ve been sending texts for correction regularly, always to the same tutor and I find it a little bit annoying to be obliged to explicitly select a tutor every time. Is there any way to avoid this?

I don’t think that there is an in-built way to just send your work out to all tutors -but if you want to try someone else, I’m sure everyone who has offered their services will be willing to correct your work.

If you want to send me anything, I’d be happy to correct it (I’m English, so learn the language the way it’s meant to be spoken).

I hope I could help.

We’ll try and add the ability for the system to remember your last selected tutor. It is supposed to be doing this already…

Hi, Ely,
thanks for the response and for the kind offer. :slight_smile:
I’m not studying English, I’m more focused on French right now. I’m thinking about honing my English during the second semester this year, I’ll remember you then. :wink:
Ok, Mark, thanks. I’ll be waiting for this then. Meanwhile, I guess I’m going to put Marianne’s name in the title and ignore the tutor choice to see what happens.