Can I cancel a course?

Can I cancel a course?

Yes you can cancel a course. If no one has signed up there is not problem, otherwise you should advise them by email.

Oops, I did it again.

Well, I am sorry for asking this, but I signed up with Steve’s course starting January 21 last year. It was the only course I found in my available time at that time. I did not want to lose points, so I signed up. However, there are more courses available now. I want to take a Spanish beginner course and I don’t think I can work two courses at the same time. If I can cancel a course, could you tell me how to do it and when is the deadline to cancel it. Thank you.

OH! Fast reply! But no, that is not what I want to cancel. I am going to make more Japanese courses!!

You can’t cancel a course that you have signed up for. You can cancel your attendance at individual conversations, however, and you don’t have to submit writing for the course. However, your tutor will still see you as being signed up for their course.

Emma, you can cancel a session for a course that you have signed up for, up to 24 hours ahead. Mark will correct me if I am wrong.

Is that what you meant? Or did you want to cancel a course that you had created?

Sorry, I meant that you can cancel a discussion that is not part of a course, but you cannot cancel a course.

It is too confusing to me. I will take Steve’s course to avoid any confusions. Then I will take Spanish beginner course after that :slight_smile: