Can anyone translate this sentence/title from Korean to English?

can anyone translate this?

hmm the link pasted weirdly- you have to copy it and remove the space before “jpg”

The Second (Small) Melody Practice

소연습 means little or small practice. Doesn’t quite work in English. :wink:

thanks arsenius! what about the part with “75”? does it say anything about the authors name?

Something like ’ “Ba-i-ale” #75 degree’. Maybe a song name or number?

Finally, the small print at the bottom says something like Diabelli/Diavelli Composition. Maybe composed by Diavelli?

Sorry I can’t help more. My Korean isn’t that strong.


바이엘 75번 정도 = about Bayer #75

“Bayer” is the most beginner-level for piano.

“디아벨리 작곡” means “composed by Diabelli”