Can anyone contribute Korean lower intermediate content?

I’m hoping someone can either put lower intermediate or “advanced beginner” content in the Korean library. The actual intermediate content has too many unknown words for me. I’ve done several intermediate lessons and added to my flashcard stash, but I have to look up very many words to use much of that content. I’m sorry I’m asking instead of contributing. Any help much appreciated.

Hyunwoo Sun has promised to do all three of the LingQ beginner series and hopefully we will see these this week or next.


Have you maybe tried the content on Koreanclass101 ? I would share what i uploaded it if i could but since its all under copyright I cant! THey have a bunch of audio blogs , some intermediate lessons ect… SOunds like you’re at a higher level than I am BUt What I did was pay for a membership on KC101 ( or you can just sign up for a 7day trial…) And I’ve been using the Dialogues/ audio blogs from KC101 on LingQ. The intros and outros are annoying but I just edit them in Adobe soundbooth ( or audacity) and upload the edited dialogue.

I’m a high beginner / low intermediate in korean so right now Im slowly reviewing all the beginner lessons from KC101 into lingq to build my vocab and to create new lingqs for words that dont stick. Each lesson is like 1 minute or less and they each use different grammar patterns and the amount of words i dont know is really low. Also reviewing SUn Hyun woo’s old KC101 blogs on here to. To me they are hard enough to be a challenge and there are alot of new words to keep me interested.

THe Talk to me in korean interviews and dialogues are too hard for me. I understand maybe 20-30% depending on the subject. Not enough to keep me interested and way too many unknown words. ITs daunting going through one and creating new linqs. Maybe once I reach a much higher level ill be able to study and enjoy the longer TTMIK interviews/conversations.

For now I’m very pleased with using the koreanclass101 dialogues. I dont use the pdfs or the actual mp3 lessons from KC101, I just use the dialogue and the korean transcript. That my study method for now.
I plan on doing this until I run out of material from Kc101. I think they stopped doing intermediate, advance and low intermediate lessons for now but they have the old lessons which I havent looked at yet.

Keroro, thanks for the advice. (And thanks for the update Steve.) I’ve never tried to import content into LingQ. Is it fairly straightforward? I never even thought about using KC101 that way. I really need to go the flashcard route. I’ve tried other ways to improve my vocabulary, but nothing has really been able to stick except flashcards.

Yeah importing is pretty straight forward. Just cut and paste the transcript into the content area. And upload the dialogue. ( you might have to do some editing if you want to take out the annoying parts =p). After importing once it should get easier. I actually dont use Flash cards much. I find just creating the lingq and reading while listening to the content maybe 5+ times most words stick. BUt this only works when the content is really short, for me anywyas. If theres too much dialogue and too many unknown words its difficult for me to stay focus. Anywyas hopefully uploading KC101 lessons will help you out. I like the lingq system and KC101 has some good recordings. I do however know that ill eventually get tired of KC101, when that happens I’m hoping My level will be high enough to enjoy korean movies or tv shows without subtitles.