Calling fellow native speakers of the English language

I have a few conversations that I would like to record and submit, and instead of using my friends and neighbors, I thought I’d extend the opportunity to my fellow lingQsters. If you are interested, please skype me (see profile page). Thanks.

Hi LingQuser,
long time ago I had the same idea because I have no friend who want to speak in a microphon.
Only, Mark told me, that the quality of Skype would be not satisfyingly.
Perhaps he changed his opinion in the meantime - I don’t know!

Actually, I don’t believe I said Skype calls couldn’t be used. It just depends on the quality of the Skype recordings. This can be quite variable based on quality of the Skype connection and quality of your sound recorder. In general, the quality of recorded skype calls isn’t great but there are some conversations on the site done through Skype.