Calling all LingQ users for your thoughts

I have given LingQ a five-star review, which I think they deserve for many reasons. I would still give them that review today, but that doesn’t mean I’m not sizzling with frustration at times. For example, I am once again having a problem of not receiving any daily vocabulary reviews. This is, I think, the third time this has happened, and each time the sequence is the same: days without reviews and days without a response from customer service. Then the problem is fixed as mysteriously (to me) as it was caused, and all is well until the next time it happens.

So, if I were being surveyed about what direction I would like LingQ to take, I would ask for the following:

Before issuing new features such as the featuring of news articles in daily reviews, make sure that bugs that repeatedly deny users the reviews in the first place are fixed.

And while I’m at it, I’d get rid of things like accruing coins so I can decorate my avatar. Does anybody care about this? I’m thinking that maybe there is a large segment of users who are young kids for whom this feature is desirable, but is it for anyone else? It just clogs the screen, in my opinion, not to mention wasting the time and talents of the research staff.

I would also add a few more employees to research and development and a partner or assistant for Zoran, who’s great, but the job seems too big for one person, especially since time to respond to a plea for help almost always takes longer than the time predicted by LingQ.

Of course if you disagree with my thoughts, I’d love to hear about it. But even more I’d like to hear what your own ideas are. If you had a survey in front of you asking what you would like to see LingQ fix or develop first, what would you say?

LingQ needs a professional programming and web management team.

Major competitors don’t have bugs, issues and breakdowns as frequently as this website. It’s currently costing them my $120 per year. If they fixed it i would become a life-time member.

A LingQ that worked would be priceless. But even at $10 a month it’s still too expensive for what it is because of its issues. Something that doesn’t work is worthless.

When a forums technical issues section is as big as its ‘general’ section you’ve got big problems.

They will never ever be addressed though. And that’s why competitors are stealing potention LingQ customers.

When i watch sports online, i’d rather watch a fuzzy broadcast that remains stable than a crystal clear HD one that stutters and buffers every 5 minutes. LingQ is the crystal clear HD language learning tool.

Hi cheska99,
As I have posted on other thread, I checked our email system and confirmed that Daily LingQs emails were sent to you regularly during last few days:
April 5th (delivered, not yet opened by you)
April 4th (delivered, opened)
April 3rd (delivered, not opened)
April 2nd (delivered, opened)
So, emails were sent (and delivered) to you regularly, including April 3rd. On April 2nd it was sent earlier in the morning, it was before we changed the time we sent Daily LingQs email. Please check your email again.

Also, if I remember properly, you did had problem with not receiving Daily LingQs emails two times previously, but the problem was in your email provider. Daily LingQs emails were marked as spam by your email provider and you were removed from the list automatically. Since I told you to add us on the white list, all emails are sent to you regularly (forum notifications, Daily LingQs etc…)

Hopefully it will continue to work properly from now on. Sorry about the inconvenience.

You should also keep in mind that all of your daily lists are always available using the daily list filter on the Vocabulary page.

What specific issues are you referring to. I use LingQ all the time and don’t have issues. If there are issues reported, we fix them quite quickly.


I love LingQ but I do wish that the core functions would be kept way more solid and reliable before new features are considered. A case in point: Lesson Imports.

The “Import E-Book” function still doesn’t work properly and it’s been a while since it’s been introduced. And I wouldn’t care, but now the regular import function is all messed up and I haven’t been able to import anything for a week now. I feel like that should be something that “just works” no matter what. We’re talking about copy and pasting of plain text.


Yes, there were some issues there but they should be fixed now. We are trying to make that area more stable as there are improvements coming there that required making updates. Those issues were fixed quite quickly once reported. Sorry about that. Let us know if you continue to have problems importing.

I tried importing a book today via plain text paste into the import window as usual, but it only pulled the first lesson’s worth of text in. The other lessons never appeared.

Try uploading your text as a word doc, that just worked for me!

Please use .txt or .pdf format when importing ebook for now, because formatting is lost when importing other type of files, but we will get it fixed too.

We pushed an update a few hours ago that should have solved that problem. Was this earlier today or just now?

Fantastic - It’s working now for me. Thanks for solving this problem!

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I love LingQ as well, but the library and search feature need a re haul! Everytime I search, I only get results from one or two content submitters. Nothing wrong with the content, but this ends up lesser known but valuable content being buried.


Lingq has been an amazing resource for me as well. A truly groundbreaking tool for language learners.

Also, for the record I kind of like the coin/avatar stuff. Might be the only one though ^^;


They’re not specific, they are random and come and go ALL THE TIME. Why, despite the massive wealth of complaints about things breaking, does your team always trot out the line ‘we don’t have issues, it’s working normally for me!’ The specific problem that broke my patience was lessons coming up with an error when i tried to complete them.

I would literally pay for LingQ every month without fail if it worked smoothly. The fact is it doesn’t. Check out your ‘support’ forum. Line break issues. LingQ’s not LingQ’ing. Uploads and imports not working. Multi-word phrasing not working properly. Highlighting not working. Audio player problems. Text not splitting properly. Dictionary problems. Error pop ups. Missing audio. Bugs which creates accidental LingQ’s.

This stuff happens at random all the time. Do you read your own support forum ? Hilariously for the last fortnight even on the forum it’s been impossible to edit posts and people have been having to multipost instead. That happened at random and came and went at random.

Fixing broken stuff quickly is irrelevant. It shouldn’t break all the time in the first place. Technical stability is a MUST for a successful website. You don’t have nor have ever had it and it’s a real real shame.

Feel free to give me a free trial to prove me wrong though.

I do have to agree with some of the comments below, the importing issue, my personal Audio issue which I have posted a thread about and emailed twice.

I do hope that something positive comes out of this post for the better experience for the Lingq members.

I love Lingq and do not believe in any way shape or forum that I would have progressed as much as I have without it, and plan on using it for all the Languages I want to learn.

You say that “Major competitors don’t have bugs”. Who are those “major competitors”, though? I am not aware of any website that offers something even remotely as good as LingQ in terms of learning vocabulary via exposure to a lot of content.


I hope he is not talking about duolingo

I’ve written to you about issues I’m having accessing my daily review that way, but I’ve gotten no answer. Fortunately I’ve created a workaround. If you’re curious about this, please just ask.

I agree about the overall value of Lingq, which is why when I started this post I mentioned that I would still give it the five-star review I originally gave it. I also echo the desire to be POSITIVE. We have a lot to contribute to the administrators to keep making this site better by letting them know what features and problems are most important to US.

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