I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to ask for this, but does anybody know what happened to Cakypa ? Her profile has been deleted, with all the lessons she had created.
Half my russian lessons were from her, and now I can’t access the collections my lessons were from …

You are not the only person who misses her sorely. She recently said that she left certain of her lessons in the Library. Let us hope she’ll return ‘home’ soon.

She’s been trolled by Vasiliy also known as pkod, he’s lurking somewhere out there so be alert. She got sick and tired of all this … and left. She didn’t feel appreciated and needed.
Hope she will come back one day.

That is really a bad news. I appreciated very much her lessons. I hope she will come back soon.

Thanks for your answers, SanneT and Don. I’m really sorry she had problems with someone :frowning: She was the best content provider for my level, I’m going to miss her …

Let’s hope.

What? Did Rasana really leave LingQ? My dear, she seemed so enthusiastic a member. It may be that some members hardly tolerate others, but we must keep the community solid!