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Have you ever gotten stuck on the phone line with customer service awaiting your turn? How do you cope with this anxious waiting? The main protagonist of the German episode below can give you some ideas. For example, watering flowers and thinking about how Leonardo di Caprio made a lot of money by swimming in a huge pool.

History nerd? Discover this course in German on curious history told in a slightly ironic way. The origin of the words that all of us use every day is particularly intriguing.For instance, do you know what the word “Dollar” comes from? Login - LingQ

Book time for French. “Les quatre filles du docteur Marsch” is a story about how four sisters grow up, find love and their place in the world during the Civil War. For the eyes of advanced learners only. Login - LingQ

In this episode of Salvatore Racconta Podcast you can explore one of the hidden gems of Italian geography, the region bordering with Slovenia called Friuli and its peculiarities. Certainly a hot spot on my travel list.

Could caffeine cut obesity?
As a skinny tea addict who regularly hears complaints from his mom about how thin he is, I can attest to this fact without a doubt. But if I were you, I’d rather rely on solid English scientific evidence in the next lesson.

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