Buying a Tablet /E-Reader just for LingQ

I just tap the numbers accordingly on my iPad (same as my iPhone). It’s a bit of tapping but it works. I don’t know if iPad/iPhones are compatible with keyboards per se and LingQ

It automatically does the translate for you? What is this magic? I am willing to buy another tablet if my iPad won’t do this. If LingQ would give the option to automatically translate sentences when in sentence mode this would save my fingers a lot of tapping and maybe arthritis. I am reading whole books sentence by sentence - not just doing a quick lesson.

I have another option for you if you are willing to not use sentence mode. It’s something I did for a while when I was starting Russian. Have you tried using the browser reader on your iPad instead of the app? If it works for you, you can turn on the ‘show translation’ (or something) feature that puts translations under each sentence within the text. I can show you how to generate translations for each sentence in a lesson or course automatically.

It was pretty cool when I did it though I used a larger hybrid tablet that runs Windows, so I’m not sure how it will work on an iPad. I asked recently if they were adding this show translation feature to the apps and they said no.

This is interesting, doesn’t this require your keyboard to be active when using LingQ (Safari or App version)? My keyboard is inactive when using LingQ.

For reference, I use an IPhone 13 for all LingQ activity.