Buying a 6 month membership with points

I read in the FAQ that: “Points can be used to buy tutored services like courses, writing correction and live conversation. You can also use points to buy multi-month memberships and premium lessons.”

How can I use points to buy a 6 month membership and how many points do I need?
When I select the Basic, $10/month plan I don’t see any option for paying with points, only credit card or paypal.


The plans available for purchase with points are listed here, Login - LingQ. Unfortunately, we recently changed our payment system and points can’t be used to buy these plans automatically anymore. However, if you email us and tell us which plan you would like we can manually set you up.

Thanks, Mark
How many points do I need to buy the Basic plan? and how many for the Plus plan?

@mfr - Basically, 100 points = $1 when you look at those prices. So a 6-month Basic plan is 6000 points ($60).