Buying 500 Points

Well, I don’t have any income yet and often I only have about $5 to spend at any given time.
Right now you can only buy 1000 points at a time. I try to put .5 in the box here but says that I must use a whole number. Login - LingQ

I don’t really see the reason why I shouldn’t be able to just buy 500 points with my $5. Please add this.

I agree that it should be possible to buy 500 points since that’s the price of a conversation. Non-paying members do however pay twice the price, so depending on your membership, it might even be $20 for 1000 points (or theoretically, $10 for 500 points).

Hi SolYViento,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience that this causes. Points last for a full 90 days, so as long as you’re somewhat active you should have plenty of time to use them. You can also visit the Contribute page ( for various other ways to earn points on the site.

In principle, I like the idea of being able to buy just 500 points, but is it financially/administratively viable for LingQ?

It is as you suspect, Sanne. Due to fees that PayPal charges, we’ve decided to make $10 the minimum transaction for points.

Could you raise the monthly basic fee slightly by $5 and have 500 points added each month, if the learner wants the option that is?

Theoretically we could, but this would create some logistical problems as we would have to create an entirely separate tier for this option, not to mention the confusion between “Basic” and “Basic+500 points” that would likely result from it. All of this, of course, takes time.

In any case, since points last a full 90 days, if you’re at least somewhat active, as I mentioned above, you shouldn’t have any problems using the points up in time if you buy $10 worth.


Okay, I see. Well I’ll just save up my dollars then.