Buy Points Button doesn't work

Hi. I’m trying to buy some points. But the button doesn’t work. What happened? I tried to buy 2000 points. I clicked once, nothing happened. Actually, I tried 4 time. But still nothing happened. Other pages work and no problem. I hope I didn’t buy 2000 points 4 times!

Hi Kenosaka,
I am sorry to hear that you’re having trouble here! I’ve just checked your account and it seems that your credit card expired in January 2015, and that is the reason why your transactions were declined.
You will need yo update your credit card info in order to be able to buy points.

Thanks, zoran. I got it. I think if the reason pop up on the screen when someone hit the button, it’ll be convenient. Have a good day.

You’re right. Sorry about that. There should be a clear message there to explain what happened. We will add it to our list!