Bursary vs scholarship in British English

I’m seeing the page of an English university, and they offer both “bursary” and “scholarship” to students interested in sudying there… I don’t understand the difference between these two terms, can anyone help me?
Also, how do you call in the UK a scholarship for university that not only exonarates the student from paying the due taxes, but also gives him/her some money for living costs?
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Off the top of my head

–bursary- is money/funds given to a student based on financial need
–scholarship- is also money given to a student but is usually given out on the merits of one’s academic record

Don’t know about calling in a UK scholarship (seeing that I live in Canada)

Nonetheless, hope that helps


Hi and thanks!
Ok, as I understand, the difference is not in the amount of money given but in criteria in the choice of students to be awarded…
Very kind of you answering, thanks, it certainly helps :slight_smile:

I think you are looking for the term “full scholarship”, but I am not sure about the tax element involved in a scholarship. Normally, each individual is responsible for his or her own tax affairs…

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Hi Sanne and thanks! :slight_smile:
Ok, I’ll see if i find something about “full scholarship”