Bunch conversation cancelling

I’ll be on the business trip for more than two weeks. As I don’t know whether the speed of Internet connection in the hotel will be fine, and moreover it seems I will prefer to spend my leisure time — if I will have any — walking around the city, not speaking via Skype, I decided to cancel all discussions. But it took several minutes to cancel every single group discussion — both as a tutor and as a student (18 days. It was above 20 group discussions, I suppose). To cancel one discussion you have do at least two clicks.
Cancelling 1-on-1s also was not quite convenient, as I have different schedule almost for every day of week. That’s why I can batch delete 1-on-1 time slots only for Mondays, then for Tuesdays, then for Wednesdays and so on.

So, it seems it would be rather convenient to have an opportunity to select several days in calendar and click some button “Cancel all conversations” to cancel both offered group and 1-on-1 conversations.

That would be nice Rasana but right now we have to focus on doing things that affect the majority of users. I will add it to the future enhancements list! :slight_smile:

Good suggestion. I would appreciate this too.