Bugs when viewing on the Google Chrome

Also, the Vocabulary page is still unavailable now.
Unlike the change from the linguist to the LingQ, I think this time’s change is for newcomers. To those old members like me it just like it changed a theme.
However, I still appreciate it. It must have a lot of hard works behind that.
It looks more lively and eye-catching now. Good job!

Thanks, Edward. Exactly! These changes are meant to make it easier for newbies to understand what to do. Although, we have also streamlined the way the site works for existing members.

What do you mean the Vocabulary page isn’t appearing? It is fine for me. Do you not see the link to it or does it not open?

We’ll look into the Chrome bugs.

Vocabulary page is back now. Thanks! I want to point out two things today. First, I really think that items should can be deleted rather then only be archived, especially when we must click it to see the context. I would be harder to find the archived item to review the words.

Second, please let the sub-menu pop-out when the mouse hovers over the “Courses” and “Community” buttons. Think about it: for example, when you finished a post and want to use the flashcards, you will find it is not user-friendly.

Don’t know other members, but I think these are important and have the direct impact to me right now.

I couldn’t use the upgraded site with IE6. But everything is okay by using Mozilla firefox or IE7. I find the new web page great! Thanks Mark for your hard job!

Hi Edward,

We will be adding the delete feature back for self directed courses. The functionality of the site has changed so it’s not just as easy as reactivating the previous link. It’s on our list.

As for the sub-menu, we deliberately don’t show it until after the main tab is clicked so that new members aren’t tempted to click on the sub menu. We want people to go to the Courses page and only use the submenu once they are comfortable on the site. We may change this at some point but that is our reasoning now.


I can pretty much guarantee that your experience will be better in FF or IE7. We will fix IE6 bugs eventually.