[bugreport] potential bug in audio of last line

In line-by-line view, I can activate the audio by pressing ‘a’. Normally, the button changes to a pause, and changes back to the play icon when it is done reading the line.
The last of the lines leaves the pause on when done. If I then press ‘a’ again, the story starts anew and reads the whole story, in stead of just reading the last line.
Of course pressing the pause button, does cause the button to get the play icon, after which I can play the line.
It is as if the end of the last line resets to the beginning of the story, unless I press the pause button.
The course I was doing this in is the Finnish version of Harry Potter. I have tried it with the last line of multiple parts (all of chapter 1): parts 2 and 3.

Thanks for reporting that, I’ll check and report to our developers.