Bug with cloze test on smartphone with small display (iOS)

With the latest update, one bug with the clozed test on iOS was fixed, and another added. To be 100% clear, I’m talking about the type of exercise with a text with one gap, and below that a list of 4 options, one of which is the word(s) missing in the gap.

With the previous version, on my iPhone 6S (small!) the problem was: if the text exceeded a certain length, only its first part was shown, and some was cut off. Then, I had to guess randomly between the words, when more than one option appeared in the audio. This was fixed. Now, the complete text appears. Always. So it’s clear which word/phrase is missing, after listening to the audio.

The new bug is: in many cases, there is not enough space on the (small) display to display all 4 choices, I am now forced to select a wrong one, just because I can’t scroll down to see all 4 choices, if the correct doesn’t appear within the fraction that fits on the display.

Next time you encounter that issue, can you please take a screenshot and send it to support(at)lingq.com? Thanks!

(same subject as here)