[BUG] Using the arrow keys to go between words skips lingqs within known phrases when going backwards

I’ve found the following bug:

When going backwards to select lingqs/blue words using the arrow keys, if you are currently on a blue word and the next lingq back is a yellow phrase that is known that has a non-known yellow word within it, hitting the left arrow key skips the non-known word and goes to the next previous word instead. This only happens when going backwards.

So, in the example below, the word “avvicinavamo” is highlighted, and is a blue word. The next word back that is a lingq is “man”, which is yellow. The word “man” is part of the larger phrase “man mano”, which is status 5 (known). If I hit the left arrow key, it skips “man” and goes straight to “pedonali” at the end of the first paragraph.

It’s only skipped if there is a single lingq within a larger phrase where the phrase is known (not status 4, but actually known) but the word is not, and it only happens when going backwards.

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.