Bug - suggested word meanings are in wrong language

I have recently started Spanish. I am finding that about half the suggested meanings of new words are in what appears to be Russian not English. I have checked my settings and I only have English language selected for suggested meanings. I am finding this issue with both the browser and app versions.

Thanks for reporting, we are looking into it.

Yep, Deltasquad93 - this is a known issue. And to add on to Zoran’s post, we are already working on fixing it. Thanks again

That’s only a part of the problem. I’ve seen words/phrases that people use as their personal note system, so instead of translations you have their thoughts. Sometimes the “word meaning” is simply a repeated phrase or a word. Like you mentioned the other languages also appear, etc.

Most of the time it works exactly how you’d hope but since anyone can add a meaning to a word/phrase for everyone else to see you’re bound to see lots of useless meanings there.

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I have the same problem with German, where sometimes I have Russian, Polish or Hindi translations. I think this happens because the translations are user made. Someone made a new translation to their native language but didn’t change in the settings (slide the translation to the left, touch the flag and select their own) so it appears to everyone.

A solution would be a way to report this translations and after some reports, it would disappear from the public list.

Oh, just now that I saw that there were already some replies hahahaha.