Bug report

Frequently, when highlighting more than one word, to look up or lingq, the words disappear from the text and I can’t retrieve them, I then have to refresh the page to be able to see the words again.
Chrome on windows 7.

I have taken a screenshot if it helps.

I have the same problem. It usually happens when I have already selected a few words, which I then try to highlight as part of a larger phrase. The words just disappear.

Thanks for the bug report (in a thread appropriately named as such :P)!

This bug appears when you highlight text twice, and likely has to do with an error in the JavaScript code that LingQ uses to make highlighted words clickable. We will look into fixing this :slight_smile:

I’m dealing with the same problem, while using Firefox and Internet Explorer. Thought it might be useful.

This has been happening to me also for a long time.

I’ve experienced this problem as well with all of the browsers. I had to refresh to get back the missing text.

This happens to me from time to time, and on all browsers. Page reload fixes it until it occurs again :frowning:

This issue (which we appropriately called the “double highlight”) should now be fixed on the site. Go ahead and give it a shot. Let us know if you manage to break it :slight_smile: