Bug report


I just tried signing up for a 15-minute conversation for tomorrow, but the system said the timeslot I selected was no longer available. So I tried again, this time choosing a different time slot, but after I did that, I saw that I was signed up for both timeslots. It seems that the first timeslot was available after all. I’ve not had this problem before, and I’d appreciate it if either of the two timeslots could be canceled.

Thank you.

Perhaps you can write on your tutor’s wall so that one of the slots can be cancelled? We generally are a fairly nice lot and help out wherever we can!

@Eric_ysk1 - I’m sorry to hear you had a problem but I only see one conversation in the system now. Were you able to get that resolved with your tutor?

@mark: Yeah, I followed SanneT’s suggestion and my tutor cancelled them for me. Thanks, SanneT and mark!