Bug report on LingQCentral日本

Hi Mark!
This is just a report for you. We can see the link icons at the bottom of our lesson page. One of the icons is LingQCentral日本 with Japanese flag. This link works and we can go to the page of
Most of the menu icons on this page doesn’t work properly. When I click ホーム or どうしてLingQなの or サポート or 料金, the error message is shown. And when I click メンバーの声, I go to Testimonial in English (not Japanese).

I reported this bug to WestEnder about a month ago by e-mail. It hasn’t fixed yet. When you have time, please check it.

Hi Nobuo,

That is a problem that happens if you are logged in to the site. There is a conflict between the language settings inside and outside the login…I won’t go into detail. It is on our list and we will get to it when we can. Most of our members never see those pages again so it’s not a priority. If you do want to see those pages, log out of your account.

Thanks for letting us know, though!