Bug report - Numbers are not processed by the text to speech feature

Could you please fix the issue? This is very disappointing. When I tapped on the speaker button to use the text to speech function, the number parts of the passage got left out. For example, the following text: “The government last month unveiled a plan to target 30 high-risk youth in Alice Springs” was spoken like “The government last month unveiled a plan to target high-risk youth in Alice Springs”. Or “Monday, October 15th 2018 6am” is spoken like “Monday, October th am”.
Please fix the problem. Thank you for the app.


Hi there,

That’s odd! We’ll look into it.

Yes. The issue occurred on the sentence mode on Android. I have updated the app today but the problem still persists. I’m waiting for the problem to be fixed.

That’s how it works at the moment, and I don’t think anything will change anytime soon. It’s not a bug that occur in latest updates or anything, it always worked that way. If that changes in future, we will let you know.