[BUG] playlist is jumbled

On Android, when I download a new audio (when I do a new lesson), if I go to the playlist and scroll to the bottom, I see all the new audios. Within a second or two of looking at them, they all disappear. If I scroll up, I see that they have all moved from the bottom of the playlist to somewhere in the middle of my playlist (active playlist). This is obviously a problem, because I like listening to my audios in sequential order, not jumbled.

Here is a screenshot. As you can see, the new audios are interspersed within the older audios. These are in the middle of my playlist. When I add a new audio (when I do a new lesson), the new audio will be located according to this pattern: NEW, OLD, NEW2, OLD2, NEW3, OLD3, etc.

Thanks, we will investigate this.

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