Bug on iphone: gibberish is read

On my iphone the ios Lingq app autoplays sound whenever I open a lesson or review a word, but it spits ut gibberish, as if it was reading code (i do recognize the word “voice” though). Please note that automatic reading is not turned on. This happens on my iphone but not on my ipad. Any idea?

Sorry to hear that.
Please go to Settings → Reader → TTS (near the bottom) and tap to select a specific voice. That should hopefully solve the problem.

That didn’t work, but I found another workaround: as the sentence I kept on hearing sounded like it was a foreign language pronounced with a French voice (something like "“Spéa voice mé méga lakoma pelélokans FR sacheli voice spéa”), I changed the app interface language from French to English and that made the bug disappear. I switched back to French and it did not reappear. Thanks anyway.

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Interesting, I’ll look into that.