Bug on iOS app. Please fix this ASAP

iOS App keeps freezing when I tap on few words together.

Do you have the latest app version installed? When did you start experiencing the issue?

I have lates app version installed and my iOS software version is latest too. (iPhone 13)
I have this problem since a week ago, and I thought app update is for this problem, but it didn’t solve the problem.

Thanks I asked our team to investigate the issue.

Hi mukimukipanda!
Is this happening in the lesson when you are selecting a few words to make a LingQ? Or when you are tapping on such a created LingQ (which consists of a few words)?
Is this happening always or in relation to any other action/condition?

This is happening in the lesson when I’m selecting a few words to make a LingQ.
And it’s not happening always but it’s happening most of the time.