BUG: Missing lessons for Playlist on iOS App

Hi, I have created some playlists directly from private courses using Safari on my iMac. However, I have noticed that when I then access the same playlists using the iOS App on my iPhone it is missing several of those lessons. To give you a specific example, under my profile take a look at the playlist “Sambarga” and you will see that it has 20 lessons numbered 1 to 20. However, when I look at that same playlist on the iOS App it is missing lessons 6,13,15 and 17.

A clue to the source of this bug might be the fact that when you VIEW using Safari the course from which I created this playlist, it is missing those same lessons even though if you select to EDIT the course then all 20 lessons do show themselves.

Please let me know if this is a bug you can easily fix? Otherwise I think the workaround, albeit painstaking, will be to have to create the playlists lesson by lesson rather than in bulk as a course?

Thanks for your help

I just found another clue which is a more likely root cause of this bug. In Safari, when under course EDIT I click on any of the lessons which are missing, the following message comes up: "This lesson isn’t yet available for editing (generating timestamps in progress). Try again later.”

Note that I created these lessons a couple of years ago and at that time there was no issue. Ironically I am not even interested in seeing timestamps and so effectively in the pursuit of more advanced functionality the basic functionality of LINGQ has been compromised….

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the problem.

Thanks Zoran, actually another update on this issue. In fact I have found that by clicking on each of the missing lessons in edit mode and as a consequence generating the timestamps, this has in turn caused those lessons to now correctly show up in the relevant playlists on the iOS App. So I guess the real issue was why those few lessons needed manual intervention to generate the timestamps (I thought it would have been done automatically for all existing lessons when the timestamp feature was introduced.

Thanks for the update @Salica!

I have the same problem. Some lessons that I created don’t show up in the playlist on ios. It’s a pity, because I would like to listen to the audio.

also for me this solves the issues. It would be nice that we don’t have to do anything manually though. It should just work