Bug: LingQs disappeared

Yep… problem exists for me. App is unusable until this is resolved.

Same here. Quite a problem.

guys the good side is that vocabs are still saved in the vocab sections even if they are blue. I would suggest export your Lingq vocab to your computer to be safe as a backup. Till now nothing can be down to effectively study new lessons or check vocabs with your own notes. Hope this will be fixed asap. every hour, minute and second count for the reputation of the app.

This is not only yesterday like I thought, the image below is for weeks ago!

There was an issue that upon creation, lingq was saved with a lowercase (for example, instead of “Schule” - “schule”) and if term case does not match, it appeared in the text as blue, we already provided a fix, which will be available on production within 10-20 minutes. Sorry for inconveniences caused.

Looks like it’s now fixed!

agreed, seems resolved.

I checked as well and it seems fixed. I would appreciate a message to say we can restart studying without any problem.

lets go back to study.

Phew! Mines back to normal.

Unfortunately mine is not exactly “fixed”–what it has done is transform my “ignored” words into “known.” I now have a completely unknown number of proper nouns (names, brands, etc.) marked as known vocabulary words. This is very inconvenient because these categories are visually identical, which makes them difficult to differentiate at a glance–I have to click on each one individually and reclassify it.

Should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience everyone!