[BUG] iOS app: moving forward two pages -> not paging -> losing spot in lesson

Hi Zoran,

I have recently noticed a bug in the iOS app for iPhone [v5.2.1 (2)].

Occasionally when I swipe to the next page it moves two pages instead of one. It looks ‘glitchy’ when it happens so you can tell that it has gone too far ahead. I can just go back to the previous page and continue reading but from that point on it stops paging. You can see from this screenshot that I have read a few more pages and I am at the grey dot, but paging has stopped at the end of the green line (where the glitch happened). If I then close the lesson, it reopens not where I left off at the grey dot, but at the end of the green line.

Can you look into this please? Thanks!

confirm same bug happening sometimes on Ipad

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Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

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